AMS School

You don’t know what you really want, but feel that the time has come to change the game? Then we are what you are looking for! Get ready to build your personality.

Why us?

  • Inclusive approach to analyzing personality
  • Viewing cause and effect in a given context outside the box
  • Seeing the big picture of a problem
  • Finding the best solution to handle a difficult situation

This helps to build a three-dimensional picture of personality. We think about a person and his behavior from the standpoint of psychology, astrology and Oriental philosophy. After collecting information, we engage the client in a psychotherapeutic conversation, analyze how the identified features manifest themselves in the person’s life, and how they are favorable or limiting factors in his self-actualization.

What makes it unique?

We synthesize such studies as:

  • Psychodiagnostics
  • Chinese metaphysics
  • Astropsychology

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Body-oriented psychology: why you should tune into your body’s messages.

Know yourself through your drawings. Art therapy in action

Why is counseling psychology rooted in everyone’s need?

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