Summer Intensive Program

Great news for fair weather: this summer we launch art therapy sessions in a recreation park! What if it rains? If it rains, we will take the session up to our head office at the Moscow International Business Center! Sounds great, right? If you have been waiting for the moment to clear up your mess of a life, the time is now, do not miss it. Summer is a wrong time for rueful feelings and stress. Sign up now and get a hot deal on 10 art therapy lessons for only 25,000 rubles (regular price: 40,000 rubles)

RANEPA engagement

Making the first steps to climb the career ladder, it is crucial to find the right career path and self-development plan, to determine your desires and incentives. Doing so alone is quite difficult. AMS School and RANEPA run a workshop series for the students of the Institute of Public Administration and Civil Service (RANEPA). The classes cover emotional intelligence, development of leadership skills, identification of personal boundaries and much more. Set goals at a young age and remember that without a plan goals are a daydreamer’s refuge.

Office art therapy

Sometimes, work throws circumstances that worsen stress, and the nerve cells fall into nothingness. This must be stopped in due time. That is why AMS routinely conducts art therapy sessions. Any art therapy pivoted on collective effort, bears team building potential and gives a trajectory towards solving looming problems; it unleashes the creative energy of employees and, as a result, drives unconventional and artistic approach to solving everyday issues.

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